The Hudly Wireless head-up display (HUD) is designed to let drivers access critical information by wirelessly casting it directly into the line of sight. The smartphone app of choice can be used, or navigation can be accomplished via the Hudly app, optimized for use on a HUD. The system also allows users to connect optional smart modules such as OBD2 so information such as gas and mileage can be displayed. The system is powered via the car’s cigarette lighter port and is positioned on the dashboard to match the driver’s line of sight, with the display angle adjusted as necessary. Once connected to Hudly’s WiFi network, apps can be reconnected and streamed to the display for future rides. The Hudly app works with the Hudly head-up display and turns the phone into a secondary control panel, allowing quick access to programs optimized for a HUD. To minimize distractions, the navigation displays basic information such as directional arrows, speed, and distance, while the phone shows the relative location on the map. Large, high-contrast icons are intended to make it easy to control music and navigate between different actions in the app. Text and call notifications are overlayed on important data such as navigation. The GPS speedometer displays road speed limits when available, with an indicator that automatically changes speed color to “red” when speeding. The system is compatible with Android and iOS. The high-resolution display features a high-grade optical-level coating for less reflection and enhanced color and contrast. Light sensors automatically adjust display brightness for any conditions, with up to 5x the brightness of the average phone screen. For a hands-free experience, the phone's voice controls can be used to safely interact with apps. Future integrations include backup camera, dash cam, and tire pressure monitoring system.