Renovo and HERE Technologies announced a partnership to deploy open interfaces for highly and fully automated vehicles. Their goal is for an open-standards approach to fuel greater interoperability and data exchange across the transportation ecosystem in order to boost safety, efficiency, and comfort for passengers.

In the first phase of their collaboration, Renovo and HERE are working on a new technology interface to maximize the utility of sensor data generated by fleets of automated vehicles in the “self-healing” of highly precise maps. The companies intend to make the interface available for fleets of highly automated vehicles powered by Renovo's AWare operating system, enabling them to provide data that can be used to update a service such as HD Live Map, the mapping service for automated vehicles from HERE. This service uses different types of sensor data to identify change in the real world and provide a highly precise, continuously updating map across the road network. An automated vehicle equipped with HERE HD Live Map helps the vehicle to know where it is and has a better understanding of what lies ahead and what it should do in different scenarios.