Aptiv announced it is has attained 5000 self-driving public rides using its autonomous driving platform, these 30 vehicles are available to the public in Las Vegas via the Lyft app.

The company says that hitting 5000 consumer rides is a major milestone for the entire mobility space because by demonstrating the viability of the commercial self-driving product and creating better efficiency for transportation network providers, consumers will have access to safer and more accessible transit.

The partnership between Aptiv and Lyft was launched at CES 2018. The company says that since the start of offering Aptiv self-driving cars to the public on the Lyft network:

  • The average passenger rating is 4.96 out of 5 stars.
  • Passengers described their rides as an amazing experience and were impressed with how technologically advanced the car is while feeling safe and at ease.
  • 96% of passengers indicated that they intend to ride again.
  • 20% of passengers have already jumped in for their second or third self-driving ride