LDRA announced it has worked to implement new technologies used by GM for software component validation and verification. The specification is meant to enable suppliers to more easily and cost-effectively develop high-assurance software by automating the process of complying with coding standards most appropriate for end-user applications ranging from multimedia and infotainment to powertrain and body electronics. These application areas have different demands on the software development and verification teams, as well as the desired technology and software development languages used to realize these applications. The LDRA tool suite is designed to automate and simplify the process of software quality analysis and verification in each of these domains and, as a result, reduce the qualification time frame and effort while reducing risk and cost.

LDRA incorporated the GM coding standards within the LDRA tool suite for automotive, which helps suppliers comply with GM’s component validation and verification specification. By mitigating risk earlier in the development cycle and relying on stringent static analysis requirements that are more prescriptive in nature, developers can ensure that code is functionally safe.

Developers must also ensure they are meeting a variety of industry standards, depending on the application and target market. They include:

  • AUTOSAR, an open and standardized software architecture for automotive electronic control units (ECUs)
  • SAE J3061, an engineering process for designing and building cybersecurity into vehicle systems
  • ISO 26262, an international standard for functional safety in electronic systems in vehicles
  • MISRA, a set of software development coding standard for the C programming language that safety, security, portability, and reliability

Because drivers and passengers alike are dependent on increasingly sophisticated electronics for vehicle performance, driver assistance, infotainment, and other advanced capabilities, car manufacturers have stepped up demands that suppliers deliver software that will function safely and without security vulnerabilities,” said Steve Hoffenberg, Director and Industry Analyst for IoT and Embedded Technology at VDC Research. “Software developers face the challenge of adhering to industry standards while meeting the tight deadlines of a multi-tiered supply chain.”