Maplesoft has released MapleSim Fleet Forward, a new product designed to enable transit authorities to create a smarter fleet electrification strategy by combining virtual prototyping techniques, electrification expertise, and data about specific buses and bus routes.

The tool analyzes electric bus behavior under a variety of conditions. Because the simulation and analysis is done virtually, transit authorities are provided with insights into their specific electrification needs at a lower cost than physical testing. Planners can make data-based decisions when developing their electrification strategies, and identify and address problems before they occur in the field.

The product is designed to answers such questions as: How will passenger loads, hills, weather, or other variables impact the bus’s range? Where is the best placement for charging stations, to maintain service while minimizing infrastructure costs? Will regulatory requirements and emission targets be met? How will the costs compare to running diesel buses?

MapleSim Fleet Forward is the result of a strategic partnership between Maplesoft and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC).