Tydrolyte LLC has introduced an electrolyte solution for automotive, motive, and stationary storage lead battery manufacturers. Tydrolyte is a less toxic drop-in replacement for sulfuric acid in lead batteries. These are critical performance parameters needed for stop/start and mild hybrid vehicles as well as other lead battery applications.

“Tydrolyte is a novel innovative chemistry and a promising new approach to advancing lead batteries. It eliminates the drawbacks of handling sulfuric acid including safety, storage, disposal, and insurance. Even more importantly, initial tests demonstrate that it may improve some critical performance parameters,” said Paul Bundschuh, CEO Tydrolyte LLC. “Another benefit is that, as a drop-in replacement, the new electrolyte doesn’t require any change in existing paste recipes, production technology, or equipment, so battery manufacturers can switch to it easily.”

“In spite of its historic success, many aspects of lead battery chemistry are not fully understood, and this provides a significant opportunity to further enhance the performance of world’s most popular rechargeable battery technology,” stated Dr. Boris Monahov, PhD, Program Manager at the Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC). “We are delighted to welcome Tydrolyte into membership of the ALABC, and strongly support companies such as Tydrolyte in pursuing innovative new solutions to the challenge of improving lead battery performance. There is a bright future for the lead battery, but it is essential that the industry continues to drive innovation to meet future market requirements. We look forward to working with Tydrolyte in the future.”