NXP Semiconductors N.V. has expanded its radar ecosystem with an automotive radar solution that combines its S32R processors, RF transceiver, and antenna design on a new reference platform. Created through a partnership with Colorado Engineering, this new radar solution is designed to accelerate the development and deployment of radar into production vehicles and includes a full ecosystem of tools that aim to lower development costs and spur radar application adoption worldwide. Featuring the S32R27 processor, TEF810x CMOS transceiver, and FS8410 Power management IC, the system is designed to help customers accelerate time to market by lowering the barriers of entry to radar application development with hardware, software, and tools that ease radar implementations. The new RDK-S32R274 radar solution is targeted to help developers rapidly prototype high-performance automotive radar using NXP technology. The reportedly open and flexible development platform includes a radar software development kit that provides a radar algorithm library to quickly build and optimize applications without having to invest resources to hand tune accelerator software. Expansion and antenna modules can be optimized to create a customized development platform suited to specific customer application requirements.