Autoliv, Volvo, and NVIDIA say they are working together to bring level 4 autonomous vehicles to market by 2021.

The statement comes on the heels of an announcement from Autoliv and Volvo that they have created a joint venture called Zenuity to develop automotive software. As part of the agreement Autoliv, Volvo, and Zenuity will use NVIDIA's AI car computing platform as the foundation for their own advanced software development.

Autoliv, Volvo Car Corporation, Zenuity, and NVIDIA will work together to develop systems that can utilize deep learning—a form of artificial intelligence—to recognize objects in their environment, anticipate potential threats, and navigate safely.

These systems can compare real-time situational awareness with a known high-definition map, enabling them to plan a safe route and drive precisely along it, adjusting to ever-changing circumstances. They also perform other critical functions such as stitching camera inputs to create a complete surround-view of the car.