Mapbox, a live location company, announced a partnership with NNG, a provider of in-car infotainment and navigation products. NNG is incorporating Mapbox’s live map data into its flagship navigation engine. This will include:

  • Mapbox’s live map data (fed by over 420 million end users around the world, as well as additional data sources)
  • Live traffic information and a vast repository of POI (points of interest) data
  • A customizable mobile companion app that switches from driver navigation to walking directions

Mapbox’s live location platform is now available as part of NNG’s navigation engine and UX Atlas application design studio. NNG will incorporate its APIs and map data into its navigation engine, currently live in 20 million vehicles worldwide. NNG’s integration teams will be available to Tier 1 suppliers and automotive OEMs.

This means that NNG now offers its live maps, live traffic, POI search, information, and connected services to enhance the driver experience. The platform enables integration of custom third-party content through NNG’s partner network. For example, to add weather, the user simply picks a partner and drops them in. To add curbside parking availability, a feed can be selected and the data embedded seamlessly into the Mapbox map.

Together, the companies say they will also provide a customizable mobile companion app for end-to-end trip planning, remote control, and maintenance. When a driver exits the car, the navigation switches to walking navigation on a mobile device. NNG’s solution also includes a seamless fallback option for offline operations in cases where a connection is unavailable.

“We are really excited about this partnership with Mapbox; it will significantly add to our offering to OEM partners,” said Giles Shrimpton, CEO of NNG. “It’s fascinating to see how traditional navigation is evolving into such a seamless and intelligent interaction, and how this partnership is a huge step in making it an everyday reality. We look forward to working together, and to discovering a new meaning for the navigation experience.”

 In addition to NNG’s navigation engine, Mapbox is standard in NNG’s UX Atlas design studio for digital cockpit development.