Otonomo announced the Anonymization Engine, an integrated service designed to dynamically protect driver data while simplifying anonymous automotive data integration for app developers and service providers. The platform reportedly allows OEMs to maintain driver privacy and comply with regulations such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). App and service providers gain access to anonymized data that they can use to deliver a wide range of offerings, such as smart city planning and mapping, weather and hazard safety alerts, predictive maintenance and vehicle health management, and traffic pattern research for retail, media, and many other use cases.

In May 2018, Otonomo announced the Consent Management Hub, which validates driver consent with each personal data request from third-party mobility service providers. With the addition of the Anonymization Engine, Otonomo says it can address both personalized and anonymized use cases in a single platform.

A driver can be identified not only by personal information like their name and cell phone, but also indirectly by his or her VIN number, vehicle location, or trip patterns. The Otonomo Anonymization Engine begins by stripping out all personally identifiable information (PII) elements, followed by one or more additional anonymization techniques including blurring location accuracy / frequency, vehicle ID changes, replacing raw data with trip aggregation, and more.

“In order to deliver valuable anonymized data, Otonomo understands different use cases require different anonymization techniques,” said Amir Freund, Chief Product Officer, Otonomo. “For example, parking use cases require precise locations, so location blurring is not a practical way to anonymize the data. However, vehicle ID can be blurred and changed very often. Other use cases such as in-vehicle and external media measurement allow for some location blurring but do not support frequent vehicle ID changes. The Otonomo Anonymization Engine can handle such complex scenarios, dynamically selecting the optimal anonymization technique for each data application.”

The Otonomo Anonymization Engine is available now as an embedded service within the Otonomo Automotive Data Services Platform or as an on-premise managed service for OEMs.