Escort’s iXc connected driver alert and information system pairs directly to the connected car's Wi-Fi and automatically connects to Escort Live without the need for a smartphone to connect to the detector. Through Escort Live, users are connected to a community of drivers that generate more than eight million alerts each month. 

In addition to direct access to the Escort Live community, the iXc can be updated with the latest firmware and software over-the-air when connected to a Wi-Fi Network, eliminating the need to remove the detector from the car. The iXc also features a patented IVT Filter to reduce false alerts from advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) such as blind spot monitoring, lane departure systems, and adaptive cruise control.

"With the launch of the Escort iXc, we continue to raise the bar of expectations for the features and functionality required in a premium detection and alert device," said Christopher Cowger, President and CEO of Cedar Electronics. "The game in our industry is changing, and the traditional benchmarks of performance, range, and sensitivity, are rapidly evolving. Long range is giving way to infinite range, and mere sensitivity is giving way to accuracy. The iXc represents a giant leap forward in both regards."

The Escort iXc will available on November 8 exclusively through