TE Connectivity (TE) announced two new Ethernet solutions designed to withstand harsh environments and meet the tough requirements of the industrial and commercial transportation industry (ICT). The Heavy Duty Sealed Connector Series (HDSCS) and MCON Ethernet Connectors are resistant to dust, dirt, and moisture, while withstanding severe vibration and mechanical shock.

The connectors provide full duplex, wire-to-wire connections for applications such as multifunction displays, telematics, telemetry units, infotainment modules, camera systems, radars/LiDARs, onboard diagnosis systems, and media access controllers.

"As commercial transportation becomes increasingly connected, the amount of data that is transmitted and the speed requirements to do so have significantly increased," said Christian Manko, Product Manager, High-Speed Data Connectivity, TE Connectivity. "To meet this demand, we've developed our new Ethernet connectors that allow our customers to seamlessly integrate more devices onto the network and accelerate data connectivity in their vehicles."

The company says its HDSCS and MCON Ethernet connectors are ideal for sealed, high-vibration applications and can endure dust, dirt, and moisture that are part of their operating environments. The HDSCS Ethernet Connector is designed to avoid quality problems while reducing manufacturing and service cost. The MCON Ethernet Connectors can be used to connect external cameras and sensing modules to improve operator situational awareness. This benefit enhances safety using Ethernet differential signal transmission communication protocols.