StreetDrone collaborated with WMG and automotive designer Astheimer to reveal a self-driving delivery vehicle, designed to tackle the challenges of cost-effective last-mile deliveries.

StreetDrone, Astheimer, and WMG (an academic department at the University of Warwick) combined their collective knowledge, skills, and experience to develop the Deliver-E vehicle for city deliveries.

In 2017, WMG and Astheimer launched the Deliver-E vehicle tech demonstrator, based upon the Renault Twizy. StreetDrone joined the project, integrating sensors such as camera and LiDAR to add self-driving ability. StreetDrone has been building these systems into its own research vehicle, the StreetDrone ONE, currently sold to universities, startups, and bigger organizations who are developing self-driving tech.

With bodywork designed to have room for parcels, pizzas, as well as self-driving hardware such as the NVIDIA Drive PX2, the three companies built a concept intended to bridge the gap between manual driving and long-term Level 5, driverless deployments.

The new StreetDrone Deliver-E is aimed at all organizations involved in addressing the challenging autonomous logistics space.

The companies say that future versions of the StreetDrone Deliver-E will be capable of fully redundant, Level 5 operation, making the concept more like an “Amazon Locker on wheels.” David Greenwood, Professor, Advanced Propulsion Systems, at WMG, said, “Our next concept would include individual four-wheel electric motors providing a turning circle better than a London black cab at the same time as adding steering and braking redundancy for full Level 5 capability.”

Chief Strategist for StreetDrone, Mark Preston, commented, “The StreetDrone Deliver-E product delivers a micro mobility last-mile solution to the growing concerns over urban congestion caused by too many large white vans being used to deliver tiny little packages. This vehicle is step one in a journey towards small, electric, connected, fully autonomous micro mobility logistics vehicles for the urban city centers.”

“Imagine a world where small last-mile logistics vehicles quietly organize a city, traveling quietly through the night delivering goods and services,” said Astheimer’s CEO, Carsten Astheimer. “We saw a niche requirement for this service, and formed a partnership with StreetDrone, who already work with their autonomous-ready Twizy’s, to make this a reality.”