LG Innotek has developed Nexlide-L, a line lighting module for automobiles. It's designed to emit bright and uniform light from the module's sharp, 3-mm-wide line.

The company says it has the thinnest width among automotive exterior lamps. Since the quality and mass production tests are already completed, the company reports that it can supply customized designs according to customer orders.

Nexlide-L is designed with technology that makes the original dot-shaped LED light shine uniformly in a line or plane shape. It produces a light that is uniformly bright from one end to the other along a slim and smooth lighting line. In addition, various shapes of lightings such as straight lines, curves, and waves can be made.

The color and brightness of the product can be customized according to its application and mounting position. The lightings can be designed to produce, for example, red light for brake lamps and center high mount stop lamp (CHMSL), yellow light for turn signal lamps and side-view mirror lamps, and white light for position lamps.

Nexlide-L has high luminous efficacy to give a bright light of 7,500 nit (cm/m2), which is sufficiently bright for use in brake lamps.