Ushr Inc. is shaping the evolution of autonomous vehicle control by providing software intending to enable the most precise, highdefinition (HD) map and associated technology for autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles. It spent three years developing the first production HD maps and software for autonomous driving. Launching with Cadillac, the precision map platform helps to enable the new Super Cruise hands-free highway driving feature.

The HD mapping data provides high-accuracy and -quality road information that, when combined with the real-time data from cameras and GPS sensors, ensures Super Cruise can operate on limited-access highways while also providing smooth control through curves. Testing began in 2013 using the Ushr precision LiDAR mapping technology and other competitor platforms, with the Ushr platform chosen to ensure that Super Cruise operates as promised, said Jon Lauckner, Chief Technology Officer, General Motors.

Using high-precision LiDAR technology, Ushr says it has mapped all road features of every mile of limited-access highway in the U.S. and Canada to under 4 in (10 cm) in a global coordinate frame. Ushr will collect roadway changes on an ongoing basis and provide frequent updates to GM. By interpreting and communicating street level detail, Ushr analyzes and anticipates travel conditions.

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