The latest Vision Vehicle from the BMW Group has premiered at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

BMW says its Vision iNEXT represents a building block for the future of the BMW Group because it encompasses technology, design, and new ways of thinking that are set to filter across the company and its brands. The company says that this is the first time all of the BMW Group’s strategic innovation fields—autonomous driving, connectivity, electrification, and services (ACES)—have been incorporated into a single vehicle.

The design is human-centered, according to the company. The all-electric BMW Vision iNEXT has therefore been created as a mobile space with the intent of offering real quality of life and addressing the need for a new “favorite space.”

The geometry of the iNEXT cabin is composed of a few, clean-cut lines, placing the focus on materials and colors. A mix of cloth and wood is meant to create the kind of sophisticated feel associated with furniture design, helping to give the interior its special “boutique” character, and the inside of the car features warm, welcoming colors.

In the BMW Vision iNEXT, smart technologies are meant to stay in the background and out of sight—hence the name Shy Tech—and are only deployed when needed or at the driver’s or passengers’ request. There is virtually no need for either screens or buttons. Functions can be operated using surfaces made of materials such as wood or cloth, like the Jacquard cloth upholstery in the BMW Vision iNEXT.

BMW has designed the exterior of the Vision iNEXT to feature striking lines and clear forms, including powerfully sculpted surfaces. The vehicle has super-slender headlights, while cameras (rather than exterior mirrors) show what is happening behind. The windscreen merges seamlessly into a large panoramic roof, providing a clear view of the car’s innovative interior.

At the rear, the horizontal lines and surfaces create a wide and dynamic stance, and the slim rear lights cut deep into the car’s tail. The streamlined body, combined with a diffuser, add to the car’s aerodynamics and increase electric range.

After the Los Angeles Auto Show 2018, the BMW Vision iNEXT production model will roll off the assembly line at Plant Dingolfing starting in 2021.