The InnovizOne from Innoviz represents the culmination of an impressive amount of innovation over a short time period. Founded just two and a half years ago, the company has one of the most sought after automotive LiDARs, as evidenced by BMW choosing in April 2018 the InnovizOne as a part of Magna International’s MAX4 platform for series production of its autonomous vehicles. Innoviz will provide both the LiDAR and the CV software for series production of BMW’s autonomous vehicles starting as soon as 2021.

In the last year, Innoviz has signed partnerships with HiRain Technologies and Samsung HARMAN to integrate LiDAR into their autonomous driving systems, joining Aptiv and Magna, both of whom also use InnovizOne to power the LiDAR for their autonomous driving solutions.

Coming in Q1 2019, InnovizOne uses a proprietary, three-chip design (system, detector, and MEMS) to deliver rich, high-density point-cloud output. It offers a long detection range of 250 m (800 ft), a high 25 frames per second rate, and high 7.5M pixels/sec resolution, allowing it to more accurately detect and identify objects, even in challenging environments such as direct sunlight and varying weather conditions, or at fast speeds. It is also sensitive enough to detect and classify objects even if they reflect very little light.

Cramming optomechanics, MEMS, and more into a single device 45 x 110 x 95 mm in size enables it to be located behind a front grille or windshield, inside the head- or taillights, or in the fenders. When it first launches, use of silicon fabrication and a simple assembly enables costs of a few hundred dollars, dropping further as production scales.

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