Velodyne Labs has developed a LiDAR with what it claims to be the world’s best resolution, longest range, and widest field of view. The Velodyne VLS-128 offers a richer image with four times the data points and density than its HDL-64.

High-resolution LiDAR is important for object detection and collision avoidance at all speeds, with the highest resolution needed especially when traveling at speeds higher than 30 mph (48 km/h). The faster a vehicle goes, the more data is needed at a faster pace for safety evaluation. The VLS-128 represents a 70% size reduction from the HDL-64, with double the range and 4x the resolution.

The company claims it is the highest performing LiDAR sensor on the market in terms of field of view, range, resolution, and ability to deal with a complex environment. Due to its 905-nm technology, it can operate better in dry and wet environments, and is based on mass-produced CMOS semiconductor technologies. It is produced at Velodyne’s megafactory in San Jose using a proprietary fully automatic laser alignment and manufacturing system. Future models will also be produced as part of Velodyne’s Tier 1 Automotive Program.

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