Thousands of riders in Las Vegas are taking Aptiv self-driving cars—accompanied by a safety driver and safety operator—to and from popular spots on the high-traffic Strip. In May, the company announced the deployment of 30 self-driving cars, equipped with Aptiv’s autonomous driving platform, offered to the public via the Lyft app.

In August, Aptiv announced it had reached 5000 self-driving public rides using its platform. This is a major milestone not only for Aptiv and Lyft, but also the entire new mobility space, by demonstrating the viability of a commercial self-driving product and helping to create safer and more accessible transit.

Among the stats, the average passenger rating is 4.96 out of 5 stars; passengers describe their rides as an amazing experience and were impressed with how technologically advanced the car is while feeling safe and at ease; and 96% of passengers indicated they intend to ride again.

This is an important step on Aptiv’s path to Automated Mobility on Demand commercialization. Through this deployment it plans to expand the commercialization of AMoD beyond Las Vegas, building on its industry leadership in sensor fusion of cameras, radars, and LiDARs including its experience with MAudi’s zFAS centralized computing platform and Ottomatika and nuTonomy algorithm platforms.

The autonomous driving system coordinates input from 4 short-range LiDARs, 5 long-range LiDARs, 6 electronically scanning radars, 4 short range radars, 1 trifocal camera, 1 traffic light camera, 2 GPS antennas, 1 dedicated short range communications antenna, and 2 computer and software stacks for safety redundancy.

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