Lyft announced that it is completing the acquisition of the largest bikeshare service in the U.S., Motivate. Headquartered in New York City, the company is responsible for such bikeshare systems as: Citi Bike (New York), Ford GoBike (San Francisco Bay area), Divvy (Chicago), Bluebikes (Boston Metro area), Capital Bikeshare (Washington, D.C. metro area), BIKETOWN (Portland), CoGo (Columbus, Ohio), and Nice Ride (Minneapolis).

Last year, 80% of all bikeshare rides in the U.S. were completed on Motivate systems. Mayor Bill de Blasio recently announced that New York City and Lyft will be dramatically expanding Citi Bike, tripling its size to 40,000 bikes.

Lyft co-founder and president, John Zimmer, said of the acquisition, "Lyft takes a large step forward in our vision to provide a more sustainable transportation experience that will bring together all your favorite ways of getting around into one unified Lyft app. We're excited to introduce new and exciting mobility products in the months ahead for our city partners and riders."

Lyft plans to work closely with local communities to invest in and expand their bikeshare systems.