Lime released its end-of-year report, offering a detailed look at the global impact of scooter and bike sharing in 2018.

The company says that the report demonstrates the many benefits it is providing to local communities across the world. It is intended to give a more complete public understanding of the benefits of micro-mobility.

Highlights from Lime's 2018 report include:

  • 32% of all Lime riders reported traveling to or from dining or entertainment during their most recent trip. 
  • 30% of riders reported that the last trip they took with Lime replaced a car trip.
  • In major urban markets, 20% of riders reported using Lime to connect to or from public transport on their most recent trip.
  • 34% of riders reported an annual income of $50,000.
  • In U.S. cities, a rider using Lime scooters, bikes, or electric bikes in conjunction with public transit would pay, on average, 74% less than the cost of owning and operating a personal vehicle.

"Lime is transforming how people get around, giving them the freedom to move around their cities in a more sustainable, efficient way," said Lime CEO and co-founder Toby Sun. "With 40% of riders using Lime for their commute to work or school, this report reveals the many ways people are integrating Lime into their daily urban lives."

The complete report can be found here.