ACCESS announced the launch of ACCESS Twine for Car 2.0, a solution that combines a white-labeled content streaming service with an infotainment services platform that enables OEMs to brand and personalize entertainment options. ACCESS Twine for Car 2.0 is set to debut at SAE International Connect2Car at CES 2019  in Las Vegas on January 8, 2019.

New features include a refreshed, expandable human-machine/user interface (HMI/UI) and an aggregated in-car Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for both Android and Linux. Twine for Car 2.0 also supports journey-related car retail services such as fuel and parking payments.

Built on the existing ACCESS Twine for Car solution launched in April 2018, the company says its new solution provides the building blocks to enable automakers to protect their brands while evolving vehicles into fully personalized connected media hubs and provide road users with an additional layer of ease and convenience.

ACCESS Twine for Car  includes software components, video, and audio content rights. Media can still be enjoyed through the car entertainment system, but consumers can now also connect to the car’s Wi-Fi hotspot via their mobile device, enabling them to listen to and watch their preferred entertainment services.

The system aggregates all content types stored on devices connected to the in-car Wi-Fi and online streaming services to provide a user-friendly, centralized platform for all content.  The platform also aims to simplify the integration of information services such as news, weather, stocks and flight status.

To offer consumers faster and easier access to entertainment options, the audio & video OTT streaming feature is expanded with a car-friendly EPG that provides information about each of the programming options. Multi-zone playback is extended to also support rear-seat entertainment on BYOD. As the variety of devices brought into the car increases, security options are extended to support DRM for content and to work with advanced security platforms for safety in a BYOD in-vehicle environment.