Schaeffler announced that it is introducing new technology concepts to improve personal mobility. For example, Space Drive technology, which is installed in the company's Schaeffler Mover, is ISO 26262 – ASIL D certified and has TÜV and road approval. In addition, it was designed for triple redundancy: if one control unit fails, two safeguards ensure absolute failure safety. In combination with GPS, radar, and other sensors, Space Drive provides the basis for autonomous—fully automated and driverless—Levels 4 and 5 driving.

Another is the Schaeffer Intelligent Corner Module, in which all propulsion and chassis components are installed in a compact, space-saving assembly unit: the wheel hub motor, suspension including springs, and electromechanical steering. The latter is an electromechanical steer-by-wire system controlled via the Space Drive technology. The Intelligent Corner Module offers wheel cut of up to 90 degrees. As a result, the vehicle can be maneuvered in narrow streets and even allows for parallel parking for passenger ingress and egress. Even on-the-spot turning is possible.

The technology platform of the Schaeffler Mover is designed for flexibility, allowing for various body styles, from robo-taxis to autonomous delivery vehicles, to be implemented. The body—which can be converted for the desired application—can be quickly separated from the platform in which the technology required for driving is consolidated. Some of the sensors required for autonomous driving are additionally integrated in the bodywork.

For autonomous urban vehicles, connectivity is a crucial prerequisite for trouble-free operation. In the concept vehicle, Schaeffer’s experts achieve this via a digital twin of the vehicle that mirrors the real-world vehicle in a cloud. By continuously analyzing the operating and condition data, future maintenance needs can be detected in advance. “The vehicle that is rigorously designed for connected operation fills an important gap in the current portfolio of the automotive industry,” said Schaeffler’s Chief Technology Officer, Prof. Peter Gutzmer.

Schaeffler's booth at CES is in Central Plaza, Booth 25.