Orqa, a European hardware technology company, will show at CES 2019 the FPV.One, an immersive headset designed as a premium market platform for new remote reality applications.

Immersive first-person view (iFPV) is technology for imaging, transfer, and immersive reproduction of low-latency video, for the purpose of control and/or monitoring of remote equipment, typically remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Remote reality (RR) is a way of enabling a user’s immersive experience of remote real-world environments in real time, at latencies low enough to allow friction-free interactive application scenarios.

Srdjan Kovacevic, CEO of Orqa, said, “The Orqa technology roadmap is a gamechanger across the entire existing FPV technology stack, enabling more immersive experiences and more advanced FPV/RR applications the world has never seen before.”

The company says that FPV will morph into remote reality, with applications including civil and commercial drones, teleoperation applications in autonomous vehicles, applications in robotics, remote-controlled industrial equipment, marine (surface and submersible) ROVs, and teleoperation applications in space technology.

Further convergence of RR tech with VR/AR will reportedly see increase in field-of-view (FOV); remote stereo vision; wider use of, and more sophisticated head tracking; evolution toward 360° video; convergence of RR and augmented reality (AR) for geolocation information overlay and entertainment; convergence of RR and VR for a more immersive experience, and experiences that blend virtual reality with remote real-world environments.

Steering away from the VR centric approach of current hardware designs, Orqa is currently building near-eye display technology around premium MOLED panels by Sony Semiconductor Solutions Group.

The Orqa FPV.One headset can be implemented in a setup including a pan-and-tilt gimbaled dual camera controlled by a gyroscopic sensor in the pilot's goggles, enabling a stereoscopic view.

The Orqa FPV.One headset will be on display at CES 2019 (Sands, Hall G, Eureka Park, Booth #50714) and for sale online at www.orqafpv.com.