AVL announced that it has been awarded the contract to provide nearly all the software and hardware for light- and heavy-duty vehicle, engine, and powertrain testing at the new California Air Resources Board's (CARB) lab in Riverside, Calif. 

CARB has already broken ground on its new Southern California vehicle emissions testing and research facilities, set to open in Spring 2021, which will house an advanced vehicle emissions testing and research center. The $368 million laboratory, designed and built by Hensel Phelps, AEI, and ZGF, will house approximately 450 employees. As designed, it will also be the largest net-zero energy structure in the U.S.

"This is more than a typical lab project," said Kyle Kimel, President of AVL Test Systems, Inc. "We're honored to be chosen as the best integrated solution to help CARB achieve its 2030 vision and bring this lab to fruition. CARB is really keeping with industry standards here."

AVL will deliver nearly 20 dynamometers for chassis, engine, and powertrain testing; more than 90 emission measurement devices and systems; SHEDs for evaporative testing; fuel and air measurement instruments; and the associated control, simulation, and data acquisition I/O.

"A project of this scale and pace relies on AVL's global support," said Kimel. "We have a team in California that will be in the lab with CARB day in and day out, but we will also work with AVL experts around the world to ensure all of CARB's needs are met."