Audiokinetic Inc., a provider of cross-platform interactive audio solutions, will demonstrate its centralized design environment for vehicle audio production, Wwise Automotive, at the Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) Showcase - Booth #SB8 at CES 2019. The Wwise Automotive solution is designed to allow OEMs to quickly respond to new requirements for automotive safety and the increasing demands for a more adaptive and immersive in-car user experience.

“The automotive industry is going through a complete transition. Connected and autonomous cars will need to manage an increasing amount of data and content to meet onboard requirements for safety and demands for enhanced user experience in vehicles. Audio makes up a large amount of this data and content, and is certainly amongst the most critical for realizing a holistic and immersive environment, from entertainment to functional audio,” said Martin H. Klein, Audiokinetic President and CEO.

New requirements for automotive safety drive the adoption of multiple sensor systems, such as radar and camera, which feed the car with tremendous amounts of contextual information regarding the car’s environment or the driver’s condition. Wwise Automotive uses dynamic contextual information and provides OEMs with various approaches to using sound for guidance and safety applications such as ADAS and AVAS.

Wwise Automotive reportedly enables OEMs to address demands toward a more adaptive in-car entertainment experience while maintaining a unique sound signature. Wwise Automotive supports tuning customizations based on complex sets of real-time parameters provided by the vehicle network integration (e.g., CAN), and it provides context-aware tunings for applications such as human-machine interface (HMI) feedback chimes, vehicle noise compensation, and automatic level adjustments as well as an audio management approach and advanced 3D audio spatialization capabilities.

Wwise Automotive features an optimized run-time sound engine and an audio authoring application designed to create and manage customized in-car audio experiences. It introduces a data-driven, interactive audio solution. Its interactive audio engine, running as a service on embedded targets, is meant to increase efficiency with faster iteration cycles, and it enables OEMs and their providers to create unique sound signatures customized for each vehicle.

In addition, Wwise Automotive streamlines the workflow related to creating, managing, and customizing sound design. Its authoring, profiling, and real-time editing tools are meant to increase productivity and creativity while saving automotive audio engineers time and money across the automotive audio production pipeline.