French aviation startup Safetyn announced its latest multisensory alert system (lights, vibrations, sounds) to help pilots of small aircrafts cope with emergencies. The patented in-flight program assists with risk awareness, impending in-flight dangers, and analyzes performance for future endeavors.

“It became essential for our team to make a contribution to the safety of flights which, even recreationally, can require a heavy work load on the part of the pilot,” said Safetyn Director/Co-founder, Arnaud Violland. "By conducting research in the field of human factors, we found that the pilot can miss imperative stall warnings because he/she is too focused on the horizon in a final descent—famously known as tunnel effect; in which our technology employs other senses as a secondary alert.”

The Safetyn box features a series of alarms that are activated inside the cockpit when an alert is triggered—everything from faulty landing gear, to stalled engines—beginning with an audible alarm at a frequency of 1400 Hz. Following this alarm, if the pilot does not respond within thirty seconds, Safetyn triggers its second alarm with a different sensory alert, a visual light that floods the cockpit to capture the attention of the pilot; finally, a third alert, a disturbing audible frequency, will be emitted.

Created at the end of 2016, the startup was incubated at CERN Grenoble and has just joined the Airbus Biz Lab in Colomiers, France. The commercial launch will take place in September 2019.

Safetyn is accelerated at Airbus BizLab (Toulouse, FR), CERN (Geneva, CH), and at Village by CA (Lyon, FR); and is part of Aerospace Valley, SAFE Cluster, Solar Impulse Foundation and is active in other fields of aviation.