ParaMatters will exhibit at CES 2019 its second-generation CogniCAD 2.0 platform as a cloud-based service and enterprise solution. CogniCAD 2.0 is ParaMatters’ second-generation holistic and agnostic generative design solution, building on its cloud-based, cognitive design and high-performance computational platform. CogniCAD 2.0 is capable of automatically generating ready-to-3D print, high-performance, lightweight structures.

CogniCAD 2.0 is designed for automotive, aerospace, medical, and industrial companies. LVCC, North Hall - 9320.

"We are thrilled to announce the first North American showcase of CogniCAD 2.0 at CES. After over a year of working with industry leaders to fine-tune this second-generation technology, we are now able to provide the most powerful agnostic CAD-to-CAD generative design and lightweighting tool available on the market today," said ParaMatters Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Michael Bogomolny. 

"We are transforming the entire design-to-manufacturing process by making it possible for our cloud service to autonomously generate high-quality, CAD-agnostic and ready-to-manufacture, optimized lightweighted designs in minutes to a few hours," said Dr. Bogomolny. "Our proprietary generative engine automatically delivers high performance and quality designs with minimal user input. As a result, the entire design cycle is compressed from weeks to hours and raises the quality of generative designs compared to what can be achieved manually."

The solution has advanced algorithms to enhance overall digital thread and additive manufacturing capabilities. This includes a new cloud-based, generative design platform that automatically compiles lightweight and metamaterial lattice structures on demand based on size, weight, strength, style, materials, and cost as specified by designers or engineers. Unique meso-structural capabilities, which are offered as a design service, deliver biomimicry design for optimal structural infills that are mission-critical for certain additive manufacturing processes.

CogniCAD 2.0 is available for use and can be accessed through as a pay-per-design, cloud-based service. The company is offering several subscription and enterprise-based models, and actively engages in several complementary strategic partnerships. CogniCAD 2.0 works by first importing CAD files into the platform, and then defining loading and design criteria. All ParaMatters-generated designs can be directly produced using additive manufacturing.