Airbiquity and NXP Semiconductors announced the integration of Airbiquity’s OTAmatic over-the-air (OTA) software and data management offering with NXP’s vehicle network processing (VNP) evaluation board (EVB).

This integration highlights the interoperability between Airbiquity’s cloud-based OTA service delivery capability and NXP’s next-generation VNP platform managing multiple ECUs for a variety of software update campaign scenarios and automaker and automotive supplier OTA use cases. Together, the automotive-grade technologies are expected to serve as a primary ECU/OTA gateway for efficient, secure, and highly scalable multi-ECU software updates and data collection.

“The NXP Vehicle Network Processing Evaluation Board unlocks connected vehicle data to enable new revenue streams and reduce costs for automakers,” said Brian Carlson, Director of Product Line Management for Automotive Connectivity and Security at NXP.  “Finally, automakers have an automotive-grade platform that brings together applications processing and real-time vehicle network processing with Gigabit Ethernet acceleration to revolutionize gateways for a new era of vehicle services.”

“Airbiquity’s OTAmatic solution securely delivers industry-leading over-the air software update and data collection services that adapt and scale to the unique needs of each automaker,” said Keefe Leung, Director of Product Management for Airbiquity. “Partnering with NXP to integrate OTAmatic on their VNP platform is a natural complement with its extensive hardware support for both current and future automotive architectures.  The pre-validated, integrated OTA solution reduces risk for customers and serves as a powerful innovation platform for developing enhanced services for the future.”

Airbiquity and NXP Semiconductors are demonstrating the joint technology integration and OTA solution during CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the NXP Semiconductors exhibit located at CP-18 in the CES Central Plaza.

Airbiquity also announced, along with Teraki, the integration of Airbiquity’s OTAmatic over-the-air (OTA) software and data management offering with Teraki’s pre-processing data analytics capabilities, providing automakers with a solution for managing connected vehicles.

Airbiquity’s and Teraki’s solutions work in tandem to provide automakers the flexibility to conduct real-time data analytics in the vehicle or in the cloud. Through Teraki’s embedded pre-processing data analytics technology, OTAmatic users can process, store, and securely send large amounts of data.

Keefe Leung, Airbiquity director of product management, said, “Teraki provides a unique analytic module to the OTAmatic ecosystem that simultaneously increases data accuracy while reducing data volumes along with delivering edge algorithms for many advanced automotive use cases.”

“We see this integration of Teraki edge data analytics modules with Airbiquity’s OTAmatic ecosystem as yet another milestone for our company,” said Daniel Richart, CEO of Teraki. “Our customers can now see how our edge data analytics software can be installed, updated, and managed at high volumes. This proves that customers can easily deploy Teraki technology to power cost-effective, highly-accurate, and data-intensive applications such as predictive maintenance and crash detection—at scale—as well as other new AI-based models in the automotive market.”