Connected Signals, Inc., introduced GlobaLight for connected and autonomous vehicles. The technology uses predictive data and artificial intelligence with the goal of improving safety and traffic flow, increase fuel efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions.

The smart vehicle technology, created for automobile manufacturers and others, combines traffic engineering, machine learning, and information acquired from vehicles to generate accurate real-time predictive traffic-signal information. GlobaLight says it brings traffic signals online without using expensive infrastructure or access to city traffic management systems. The technology is meant to let automobile manufacturers bring traffic signal information into connected and autonomous vehicles.

The company says that it partners with municipalities to eliminate the complexities of securely gathering real-time signal data and to make it readily available in a standard format. It combines this data with map, GPS, and speed limit information, and then apply proprietary analytics and algorithms to predict upcoming traffic light behavior. That information is then delivered to vehicles via cellular networks.

At CES, Connected Signals offered in-car demonstrations showing how the technology gives drivers predictive information on their dashboard.