Excelitas Technologies Corp., unveiled its new 1x64 Silicon APD for use in LiDAR applications. An expansion to Excelitas’ C30737 APD series, the new avalanche photodiode (APD) array provides a 64-pixel count for higher-resolution systems.

The 1x64 silicon APD, when paired with Excelitas’ pulsed laser diode arrays, enables a LiDAR system to detect reflected light that bounces off a target in front of the vehicle. This creates a high-resolution point cloud image of the surrounding area. The 1x64 APD enables a customer to use smaller optics, thus reducing system cost and providing better signal-to-noise ratio for longer-range detection, beyond the 200 m (656 ft) required for safe forward-looking sensing.

The 1x64 silicon APD is supplied in a compact surface-mount package, suitable for high-volume pick-and-place assembly lines. The product is available off-the-shelf or customized with pixel geometry, spacing, and number of pixels to match the customer’s optical system. Electrical characteristics can also be customized to fit with the receiver electronics.  

Excelitas’ silicon APD arrays are assembled in a TS-16949 automotive-certified factory and targeted for automotive-grade (AECQ) qualification.

“Excelitas’ new 1x64 silicon APD array will serve as the heart of next-generation detection systems in LiDAR technology,” said Denis Boudreau, Product Leader, Detection at Excelitas Technologies. “It provides the highest-resolution image detection currently available in LiDAR systems.”

The new APD array was on display as a member of LeddarTech's ecosystem at CES 2019.