Intel announced that Audi will use Intel solutions in its 2018 Audi A8 for Level 3 driving. This includes the Intel-Altera field-programmable gate array (FPGA) chip and the Intel-WindRiver software stack in addition to the Mobileye solution. During piloted driving of the Audi A8, a central driver assistance controller (zFAS) permanently computes an image of the surroundings by merging the sensor data.

Intel created its Programmable Solutions Group from the former Altera Corp. Intel closed on its acquisition of Altera in December 2015. PSG is responsible for Intel’s FPGA technology. FPGAs allow for flexibility in the programming of hardware and software, and are often used in the Internet of Things and the data center.

Wind River, an Intel company, supplies the VxWorks operating system for the highly scalable, safety-related electronic control unit. As the underlying software platform, VxWorks maintains and monitors the safety of critical applications.