UK-based manufacturer AB Dynamics has delivered its 1000th robot system to the American Center for Mobility (ACM), a Michigan-based national facility for connected and automated vehicle (CAV) research, testing, product development, validation, and certification. ACM is based at the historic Willow Run aircraft manufacturing location.

ACM has purchased a suite of test equipment from AB Dynamics including the Guided Soft Target (GST) platform and a driving robot system that includes the SR60 Torus steering robot and CBAR600 pedal robot.

The GST is a self-propelled platform carrying a soft vehicle target (Soft Car 360) that is designed for aerodynamic stability, yet it can separate into lightweight parts on impact to avoid damage to the test vehicle. It uses synchro and path-following technology to enable precise choreography with the subject vehicle and is commonly used for ADAS development and testing.

The SR60 Torus has a hollow center, which means that it can be installed without removing the airbag, while still being quiet and smooth.

The CBAR600 is employed in a range of applications including automatic emergency braking (AEB) testing and other ADAS tests. It is used to add speed control to a vehicle dynamics test. The system has a maximum brake force of 750 N and is upgradeable for driverless testing.