The staff here at Autonomous Vehicle Technology believes that the ecosystem of all autonomous vehicles rests on four pillars: autonomy, connectivity, electrification, and mobility services. However, we know that there's more to the story regarding AV adoption, such as gender issues toward factors that comprise the four pillars. analyzed findings from "YouGov," which surveyed American men and women about those factors—which usually come into consideration when owning a car or searching for a new one.

*78% of Americans admit to needing their own car to get to their respective place of work

  • Believe a vehicle should be equipped with as many safety features as possible:

women (93%) men (77%)

  • Place "miles per gallon" (MPG) as the most important aspect when considering a new car:

women (65%) men (69%)

  • Believe electric cars are the future:

women (56%) men (63%)

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