Quantum Corp. was named storage vendor of choice by Level Five Supplies, a leading autonomous vehicle technology integrator. A reseller agreement includes Quantum’s R-Series, which provides in-vehicle storage designed specifically for mobile and remote capture of video and other IoT sensor data.

Quantum’s R-Series products are designed for mobile environments such as autonomous vehicle development. It's intended to simplify data ingest by including unique features that automate the process of offloading data to a StorNext shared storage environment. Combined with Quantum’s StorNext high-performance parallel file system, the company says its R-Series products enable a complete workflow for autonomous vehicle development with the following unique features. A small form factor chassis design minimizes storage space.

The Quantum R-Series incorporates a removable magazine design to enable efficient transport of data from the vehicle to the garage or datacenter, while also allowing long-duration test drives.

The unit operates in a broad range of environmental conditions necessary for proper vehicle testing, and the design is intended to ensure high performance and reliability, including RAID 5 or RAID 6.

To address the challenges of sharing, protecting, preserving, and analyzing massive volumes of data, Quantum’s R-Series integrates with Quantum’s StorNext-based scale-out storage portfolio. StorNext environments provide shared data access in a unified global namespace across multiple tiers of workflow-optimized storage. The combination of StorNext and the R-Series reportedly deliver efficiencies to autonomous vehicle developers to shortentheir test and development cycles.

Quantum says its R-Series is suited to a wide range of rigorous applications, such as mobile security and compliance platforms, video surveillance, public transportation, shipping, law enforcement, on-set video recording, and production. The Quantum storage solution provides flexibility to align storage capacity, performance, and cost with data capture requirements by choosing SSDs or HDDs in 2.5” or 3.5” form factors.