Self-driving vehicle technology company Optimus Ride announced plans to deploy its self-driving systems at two sites: the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a 300-acre modern industrial park with more than 400 manufacturing businesses and 9000 people working onsite, and Paradise Valley Estates, a private 80-acre, nonprofit Life Plan Community located in Fairfield, CA. Optimus Ride says it will provide residents and workers at both sites with access to self-driving mobility within defined, geofenced areas.

Slated to launch in the second quarter of 2019, Optimus Ride’s deployment at the Brooklyn Navy Yard will be the first commercial self-driving vehicle program in the state of New York. Optimus Ride will deploy self-driving vehicles on the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s private roads, providing a loop shuttle service to connect NYC Ferry passengers to Flushing Avenue outside the Yard’s perimeter.

Dr. Ryan Chin, CEO and Co-Founder of Optimus Ride, said, “We are excited to announce not one but two self-driving vehicle deployments today. Working with leading developments and communities like Paradise Valley Estates and the Brooklyn Navy Yard enable us to further our mission to transform mobility. We’re pleased to be the first company to launch a self-driving vehicle program in the state of New York and, having now announced three deployments in the first quarter of 2019, are well positioned as the leader in self-driving systems for geofenced areas.”

Paradise Valley Estates will use the Optimus Ride vehicle system on its private, gated community starting this summer. During the initial phase of the program at Paradise Valley Estates, the primary service will be to provide prospective residents with self-driving tours of the community. Additionally, residents will be able to access Optimus Ride through its reservation and on-demand ride services to travel to-and-from their friends’ homes, as well as travel to the community/health center, and access outdoor activities within the property.

Optimus Ride, an MIT spinoff company, received approval from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation in 2017 to test highly automated vehicles on public roads and public properties throughout Massachusetts. Since then, the company has been testing its fully autonomous (Level 4) system for electric vehicle fleets. The fleet is powered by the Nvidia Drive PX 2, an AI supercomputer for self-driving cars, which uses deep learning to understand in real time what’s happening all around the vehicle (360 degrees), precisely locate itself on an HD map, and plan a safe path forward.