Vivint Smart Home introduced Vivint Car Guard, a service designed to allow homeowners to manage the security of both their home and car with a single app. The company says its Vivint Car Guard provides peace of mind with the ability to monitor the security, location, and diagnostics of your car from anywhere.

Integrated into the Vivint Smart Home app, Vivint Car Guard will send notifications if a car is bumped, towed, or stolen.

With a connected home and car, users can customize their Vivint smart home to turn on lights and record video using outdoor cameras if anyone disturbs the vehicle in the driveway. Vivint Car Guard can also reportedly trigger a smart home to turn on/off lights, lock up, close the garage door, and arm the system when the user drives away.

“Consumers want to protect their two most valuable assets—their home and their car,” said Jeff Lyman, Chief Product Officer at Vivint Smart Home. “Connecting the car and home unlocks enhanced protection and convenience that weren’t possible before.”

The Vivint Car Guard device is easy to install into the standard onboard diagnostics port (OBD-II) under the dashboard of most cars. Vivint Car Guard is powered by Mojio, an SaaS solution provider for connected cars.

In addition to monitoring the security of a car, Vivint Car Guard helps users locate the car or a loved one by GPS tracking of a car’s location and travel direction. Geofences can be created around important places, such as homes, offices, or schools, and receive notifications when a car enters or leaves these areas.

Vivint Car Guard also monitors a car’s health and safety, providing reminders for regular maintenance, as well as notifications about mechanical problems and recall information. Parents and guardians can help keep new drivers safe with smart driving analytics, including trip history, hard stops, and rapid accelerations.

Vivint Car Guard can be purchased along with a Vivint smart home system for integrated home and car security, or separately as a standalone service. Pricing starts at $199 for the Vivint Car Guard device and $9.99/month for service.