NXP Semiconductors announced a new strategic collaboration and investment agreement with Chinese automotive radar manufacturer Hawkeye Technology Co. Hawkeye will offer its 77 GHz expertise, a team of highly qualified engineers, and a state-of-the-art lab complex within Southeast University in Nanjing, China. Together, the two companies say they will form a reference design collaboration, which leverages engineering talent at Southeast University and NXP’s radar experience, to create NXP-based reference designs for the Chinese automotive market.

“The collaboration with Hawkeye is evidence of NXP’s confidence in the Chinese market and our determination to continuously invest in the country,” said Kurt Sievers, President of NXP Semiconductors. He continued, “Innovators in automotive, like Hawkeye and Southeast University, have become the driving force for the transformation of China’s automotive industry. We are pleased to collaborate with these excellent partners, leveraging NXP’s leadership in the fast-growing radar semiconductor market to improve road safety.”

The cooperation is intended to address research areas in automotive radar to help China’s domestic Tier 1 suppliers meet the challenges of this technology through complete radar system solutions and reference designs. The partnership aims to help shape the future of radar implementation in China.

“Southeast University and Hawkeye have established a joint research center focusing on vehicle millimeter-wave radar technologies,” said Professor Hong Wei, IEEE fellow, Director of the State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves of Southeast University. “At the same time, we have launched long-term research on millimeter wave multi-system radar imaging, new millimeter wave antenna arrays, and new millimeter wave circuit structures. Our latest research results will continue to be introduced in Hawkeye’s future designs and radar products.”