Xtalic Corp. announced that its new custom stable nanostructured metal alloys and coatings are extending the life of charging connectors, producing stable components for high-temperature environments, helping with lightweighting, and improving corrosion resistance. 

The company says that replacing traditional silver-over-nickel-over-copper connector contacts with Xtalic’s nanostructured alloys, Xtronic and Luna, enhances the contacts’ hardness, durability, and corrosion resistance—to the point of achieving more than 10,000 charge cycles in high normal force applications under real-life non-ideal environmental conditions.

At elevated temperatures, conventional materials in high-power interconnects and components lose properties required for safe operation, and risk corrosion and wear damage. In contrast, according to the company, Xtalic’s alloys maintain critical properties: Luna enables operation at temperatures higher than 200°C for extended time periods. Xtronic and Xtalium provide a step change in temperature stability over traditional nickel and aluminum materials.

Replacing traditional, heavier materials used in components with lower-cost, lighter-weight magnesium enhanced with a nanostructured coating of Xtalium increases durability and corrosion resistance. The use of Xtalium provides corrosion-resistance and enhances the performance of space constrained rare earth magnets as well.