XING Mobility's modularized and fully integrated electric vehicle (EV) battery pack and integrated powertrain technologies are designed to allow vehicle makers to go electric by offering an advanced modular solution and complete plug-and-play capabilities.

The company says it has several distinctly shaped battery systems (including triangular, T-shaped, and U-shaped packs), making it a flexible and adaptable technology as well as uniquely able to accommodate existing vehicle shapes. The battery pack architecture uses a micro-module, which stacks like Legos to meet the use size and shape requirements.

The system is reportedly one of the only packs in the world to use immersion cooling to present an innovative solution to thermal management challenges. The technology works by submerging cells directly in 3M Novec engineered fluid, a nonconductive fluid that allows the pack to effectively and efficiently manage high heat during high charge and discharge cycles. The immersion cooling method is a prime factor for achieving the battery’s extremely high power output, delivering a peak discharge rating of 2500 A and a continuous rating of 1260 A.

By achieving 100% direct cell-to-fluid contact and enabling cell temperature uniformity, the technology addresses loss of power and charge, and allows for high-speed charging and significantly improved battery life. The system also employs sealing and interlocking technology to provide a rigid mechanical structure and is IP67 and IP68 rated. With ultra-low fluid loss and extremely resilient packaging forming a key design priority, the battery is unique in its durability without requiring heavy or complex battery enclosures, ensuring the pack has a competitive overall energy density. The immersion cooling technology also delivers sizable safety benefits, with the fluid containing fire suppression properties, which dissipate heat arising from cell-to-cell thermal runaway or damage.

In addition to the battery pack, XING Mobility has launched an extensive range of integrated and connected drivetrain components including motors, invertors, built-in battery management systems (BMS), chargers, and display kits.