TT Electronics announced an E-beam welded shunt­ resistor for industrial and automotive applications. EBW8518 is an electron beam welded resistance element, sandwiched between large copper terminals with optional tin plating. Precision applications can make use of its 1% tolerance, 100 ppm/°C TCR, 1 µV/°C thermal EMF, and separate ground pins to reduce errors.

According to the company, the low measurement error of this resistor frees up the designer’s error budget, and its low ohmic values reduce power loss. The EBW8518 provides the fullest selection of values in TT Electronics’ chosen range of 50 to 250 µΩ.

“EBW8518 features low self-heating, which reduces equipment temperature and improves reliability for designers needing to manage temperature rise in compact power electronic assemblies,” said Stephen Oxley, Senior Applications Engineer, Applications and Marketing. “­­­The robust electron beam welded technology and low thermal EMF of this resistor make it advantageous for HEV battery management, energy metering, and welding power supplies.”

For further technical information, visit the EBW8518 datasheet.