Aetina Nvidia Jetson Edge AI computing platforms are designed to provide enhanced image processing for machine vision systems. Various suites of Jetson platforms, video image detection modules and MIPI cameras, and driver-ready extension peripherals aid in deploying intelligent logistics and autonomous vehicles.

The Nvidia Jetson series is designed for all sizes of AI application. Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier, the newest product of the series, features a small form factor and has more than 20x the performance and 10x the energy efficiency of its predecessor. The Jetson AGX Xavier has an energy consumption of less than 30 W and an embeddable form factor of 105 mm x 105 mm.

The Aetina Jetson platform combined with eco-partner’s capture card and a deep-learning SDK is meant for space-constrained smart traffic projects such as traffic flow calculation, vehicle recognition, parking slot management, and traffic law enforcement. It is intended to decrease development cost and save time for focusing on system optimization. In addition, this solution is intended to enable developers to drive smart transportation applications based on customized applications.