Dow Performance Silicones has announced a range of new and recently introduced silicone-based solutions. Included are the company’s Dowsil and Silastic solutions for optical bonding, molding, adhesion, heat dissipation, and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding).

“The incredibly fast pace of change in connected and smart devices calls for equally rapid advances in materials science,” said Rogier Reinders, Global Marketing Director for Dow Performance Silicones. “Dow’s pipeline of silicone-based products addresses top engineering and regulatory challenges, such as EMI, thermal management and optical performance and zero-defect performance for safety in ADAS displays. Further, these highly tunable materials deliver other valuable properties—enabling one product to solve a range of challenges related to performance, processability and sustainability.”

Dow has introduced two optically clear resin (OCR) solutions for automotive displays exposed to harsh environmental conditions. One product is engineered to protect and cushion LCD/OLED display module electrodes. The other, Dowsil VE-2003 UV optical bonding material, offers improved performance for optical bonding of glass and plastic display covers and touch panels. Both are designed to provide high reliability under demanding environmental conditions.

The company's Dowsil EC-6601 electrically conductive adhesive, a recently launched, novel silicone adhesive, combines EMI shielding capabilities across a range of frequencies with durable mechanical properties. Dowsil EC-6601 electrically conductive adhesive is formulated to form strong bonds to many substrates and reportedly has greater than 150% elongation to enable flexibility at the joints. As an adhesive, it can be used for creating formed-in-place (FIPG) and cured-in-place gaskets (CIPG).