Fujitsu Components America, Inc. announced it is sampling a 6.6 kW (32 A–250 VAC) switching automotive relay for onboard battery chargers in electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles (EV/PHV). Volume production is expected to begin in March 2020.

The FTR-K5 is a 1 Form A PCB relay series designed to assist with faster EV/PHV battery charging while also meeting automotive vibration and shock resistance specifications. The company says that the relay's 105°C temperature rating and 8 mm insulation distance between coil and contact exceed those of any currently available power relay in this class.

The relay features a 5000 VAC withstand voltage between coil and contact and 1000 VAC between adjacent contacts. Fujitsu says that the relay can sustain a 40 A continuous power supply (without switching) despite its low, 900 mW power consumption.

The FTR-K5 series is available in either a flux-free or plastic-sealed enclosure. With a life of 30,000 operations, the flux-free type is recommended for sealed charger units. The plastic-sealed type has a higher resistance to dust and exhaust gas, making it suitable for non-sealed charger units.