Aceinna's OpenIMU300RI is a sealed-package, open-source, nine-degree-of-freedom (9-DOF) inertial measurement unit (IMU) designed for autonomous off-road, construction, agricultural, and automotive vehicle applications. This new open-source IMU allows aims to allow engineers to optimize an attitude, navigation, or other algorithm for their vehicle/application and run it in the IMU.

The company says that this minimizes communication on the bus and frees the processor to perform other tasks or allows engineers to use a less expensive processor. The IMU or processed IMU data was designed for applications including keeping a cab level, returning an arm to a specific position, keeping a bucket stable while traveling, locking out control for safety applications, and supplementing GNSS data to keep a tractor on course.

The new OpenIMU300RI adds a sealed rugged module with CAN and RS232 interface through an IP67 Ampseal 16 connector to the product line. It complements Aceinna’s OpenIMU300ZA 9-DOF IMU OEM module, which has SPI and UART interfaces.

Each OpenIMU300RI is calibrated on precision rate tables and in temperature chambers to provide accurate 3D linear acceleration, 3D rotation rate, and 3D magnetic field measurement information to designers of autonomous vehicle and other control systems.

Its rugged design is meant to allow the OpenIMU300RI to be mounted directly on construction and agriculture vehicles and attachments, which are exposed to the elements during operation or storage. It has an Ampseal 6 position IP67 rated connector. The module is completely over molded in plastic and features nickel-plated brass bushings for mounting. Input power conditioning and protection circuitry is designed for and is qualified for use on 12 V and 24 V vehicles. It supports input voltages between 5 and 32 V.