Samsung unveiled a remotely controlled 5G car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed over the weekend, with partners Designated Driver and Vodafone.

Drift Champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. remotely drove the vehicle, starting his journey with an initial “drive” up the world-famous Goodwood Hillclimb prior to the opening. The car, a Lincoln MKZ, was controlled from a different location on the estate powered by a Designated Driver teleoperation system, the new Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, and a Samsung VR headset, all via Vodafone’s 5G network.

“This proof of concept is a great stepping stone towards remote presence use-case using 5G, and the Goodwood FOS was the perfect testing ground. We are thrilled to lead future consumer experience in 5G by pushing the boundaries of our 5G product portfolio and technologies,” said Yoon Lee, Senior Vice President, Product Innovation and Content & Services, Samsung Electronics America.

Gittin Jr. put on a VR headset to create a show for the Goodwood crowd while he remotely operated the S-Drone from the Future Lab, on the other side of the Goodwood estate.

“Being a professional fun-haver, I’ve built my career on pushing the limits of car control,” remarked Gittin Jr. “However, I have never envisioned myself getting crazy behind the wheel using VR, phones, and remote driving gear. Designated Driver, Samsung, and Vodafone are all bringing their A game when it comes to cutting-edge technologies.”

At Samsung’s Future Lab zone, fans could watch Gittin Jr. in action as well as discover other engaging activities including the ultimate G-Force experience. Using a G-force Vesaro racing seat, guests could take on the virtual challenge of racing the fastest lap within the Future Hub’s stand. The journey was captured and shared with the latest Galaxy S10 5G, with the chair connected to Samsung’s 8k QLED screen.