Seoul Robotics has introduced SENSR, a 3D perception software platform designed for compatibility with major 3D LiDAR sensors. Seoul Robotics says that SENSR is the first industrial-grade software solution that provides scalable 3D perception for companies that seek to efficiently commercialize across industries and applications, and with flexibility to choose LiDAR sensors and integrate multiple different sensors. The software is reportedly compatible with almost all commercially available 3D LiDAR sensors, even newly introduced solid-state and micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) LiDAR.

The SENSR platform's architecture is designed to quickly and reliably understand 3D LiDAR data in diverse environments. Seoul Robotics’ AI algorithm provides fundamental object processing such as detection, classification, tracking, and prediction. SENSR can also fuse data from different types of LiDAR to help the computer understand the environment without having to rely on a previously built HD-map. SENSR enables a wide range of applications—from detecting intruders for security systems to predicting the distance to pedestrians on a crosswalk for autonomous driving applications.