The MAX25610A and MAX25610B LED drivers from Maxim Integrated Products are designed to offer a complete solution that features high EMI performance without compromising on efficiency and size. These ICs drive up to eight HBLEDs directly from the automotive battery and integrate many external components.

The MAX25610A/B LED drivers offer a wide input voltage range from 5 V to 36 V in buck-boost LED driver applications with up to 90% efficiency in buck-boost mode. These LED drivers have an internal current sense option and integrated high- and low-side switching MOSFETs to reduce solution space and cost. They offer programmable on-chip PWM dimming, which allows for fine dimming control without having to use a separate microcontroller. Additionally, the MAX25610B features a 2.2 MHz switching frequency option, allowing for an even more compact solution.

Also available from Maxim is the MAX25600, a 60 V, synchronous, high-voltage, four-switch buck-boost LED controller that shifts seamlessly between buck, buck-boost, and boost modes. This IC is designed for driving changing LED loads in high-power automotive, commercial, and industrial lighting applications.