Whyre introduced Argon Transform, a dual-camera augmented reality (AR) attachment designed to make any motorcycle helmet smart and interactive. Argon Transform includes an HD see-through AR heads-up display (HUD), a simple user interface that provides quick access to vital information at a glance (includes caller ID, GPS navigation arrows, and speedometer), a low-latency rear camera feed (provides for a near 180-degree field-of-view to remove blind spots), popup caller-ID to answer/reject phone calls, and the ability to access, select, and play music.

As part of the system, Argon Transform comes with a Bluetooth handlebar controller that provides riders with wireless control while riding (switch between visual functions on the AR display, music controls, pick up calls, capture pictures/videos etc.) Its three-way wireless control system allows Argon to simultaneously connect to a mobile phone and the handlebar controller using Bluetooth low-energy, which provides for smoother data transfer (Argon Transform also comes with WIFI capabilities for direct network connection).

Argon Transform's front dash cam enables riders to capture high-quality HD action videos (also enables loop recording) using the accompanying Bluetooth-enabled handlebar. The media is stored on an expandable micro SD card that can be accessed directly using the Argon mobile app. 

Other features include a two-way Bluetooth intercom system, hi-fi speakers and microphone, offline built-in GPS, up to eight-hour lithium-polymer battery, and dedicated mobile app.