Siemens PLM Software has updated Simcenter Tyre to help vehicle manufacturers and suppliers simulate performance of tires. Because tire performance has a significant effect on the behavior of any vehicle, describing tire performance, although difficult, is necessary. Simcenter Tyre helps engineers and developers achieve cost efficiency in the design of tires by minimizing required tire testing effort for model parameterization. In addition, it aids in standardizing tire modeling by making the model available with all vehicle dynamic simulation packages and providing an industry-standard, real-time computation system. The tool produces accurate and realistic tire-slip characteristics resulting from on-road testing.

With the release, v2019.1, a completely new interface between MF-Tyre/MF-Swift and MSC ADAMS supports native ADAMS roads as well as multi-thread simulations. The software is now 100% thread-safe, enabling parallel computation of tires over multiple threads. Parameter estimation functionality as implemented in v6.2 is also implemented in this version. This feature enables using datasets with as little as five model parameters, feature with which an optimal balance between tire testing effort and model accuracy can be obtained for each application.